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Paid Game Development Contest

What is this?

- We are offering $5,000 in seed funding for the best science game of 2018.  Golgi Productions will feature your game on our website if applicable, and connect you with additional non-financial resources to build out your game.

Judgement Criteria

- Fun

- Scientific Accuracy

- Scientific Breadth

- Simplicity

- Full development cost

- Revenue potential


Submission Guidelines: 

- Send an email to with a description of the game and directions on how to access.


- Games do NOT need to be finished products, playable prototypes are good enough.

- Must provide submission by April 1st, 2019.

- Desktop, browser, or mobile are acceptable formats.

- Golgi will retain co-branding rights on the final version of your game.

How do we fund you?

- Golgi Productions will provide a guaranteed minimum prize of $5,000.  Additional prize money will be contingent on our sales team, who will seek funding for your project from non-profit health and science advocacy organizations.

How are winners chosen?

- Four judges will rank all submissions from best to worst, highest total score wins.  

- Judges will include at least one scientist, teacher, and student.


- There are no explicit criteria, a good game on a subject we care less about is worth more than a bad game on a subject we're really interested in.


- We strongly discourage "fact bubbles".  Instead, facts should be programmed into game mechanics.

- To see an example of the type of thing we're looking for, see games in development.

- We want you to succeed!  Reach out to us early, we are very happy to provide feedback on whether your idea is in line with our expectations.

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